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Episode 14- How Dual Credit is Used

Apr 21, 2020

 In this episode I'm sharing three steps to figure out how your student's dual credit is going to be used in their selected degree program.

Transferology-  https://www.transferology.com

If you prefer the visual aspect, here is the link to the You tube video.

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Episode 13- You can do hard things

Apr 15, 2020

 I'm sharing a few tips on how you can care for yourself and then your suddenly returned college student during COVID-19.

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Episode 12- Pass or No Pass

Apr 08, 2020

I'll talk through the things you need your student to consider when determining if a Pass/No Pass grade option is in their best interest even with the crazy COVID semester they've had.



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Episode 11- Townie Mom's

Mar 30, 2020

I'm sharing the amazing group of women in West Lafayette called The Townie Moms....how they came about, what they do and advice people they've helped have to offer.

Townie Mom's FB is https://www.facebook.com/putowniemoms

Twitter- https://twitter.com/purduetowniemom

Linda Tarkington's LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/linda-tarkington-b3132017/

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Episode 10- What do you need from me?

Mar 23, 2020

With all the craziness in our world right now the topics I had planned don't seem relevant right now. So I'm handing the whiteboard marker to you to tell me what you want me to research and share with you.

[email protected]



Here is the link to listen to part 2 of last weeks episode on You Tube. Sorry but I ran out of storage for this month on my hosting site. Facepalm :)

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Episode 9b- Corona Bonus Part 1

Mar 22, 2020

Sharing my behind the scenes as a college admin....
Everyone's lives have been turned upside down. I'm sharing what my daily work life has shifted to since COVID-19 hit the US around @ March 9.

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Episode 9- Fall semester planning in the spring

Mar 16, 2020


Fall semester planning in the spring

  • Know the calendar
  • When is registration for me
  • When can i see the class offerings for spring
  • When can i meet with my advisor, is a meeting required
    • What do i need for my meeting?
    • Go to meeting prepared to make notes
    • Ask good questions
    • Class ideas I’m thinking about
    • Degree requirements
    • Study abroad
    • When seats may open up
    • Back ups in case classes fill up
    • How do I waitlist
    • Which courses should i expect to be really hard
    • Who to contact for class access issues
    • Course prereqs or permissions
    • Course repeat rules
    • Credit hour requirements
      • Min-max
  • Before registration opens-
    • Check for holds
    • Make sure you have the needed permissions
  • Instructors
    • Ratemyprofessor
    • Reddit
    • Other social media input
  •  Textbooks
    • Required or recommended
    • Which edition
    • Other required material/equipment
    • Clickers, goggles, calculator,software, paintbrushes, etc


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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Bonus Episode

Mar 15, 2020

Like everyone, my week was absolutely crazy.  I thought it might be good to document what it looked like. For an administrator in higher education that typically doesn't do anything 'fast' this past week made my head spin at times.

Shout out to www.marcyholder.com for being such a rock hair 'therapist' for me. Love ya, girl!

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Episode 8- Summer Plans for your new or continuing college student

Mar 09, 2020


Summer 2020 plans- COVID-19 edition

Both new and continuing students:

  • Do your homework regarding your risks in conjunction with your underlying health condition.
  • If you haven’t done it already, find your in network providers (doctor, clinic, hospitals) nearby and how your student can get there.
  • Work that builds highly valued skills
    • Communication, problem solving, leadership, teamwork
  • Volunteer
    • Related to your career choice, have a goal to accomplish, potential resume builder
  • Online classes at your college
  • In  person classes at home
  • Read

For the new admit

  • Can you travel to get to campus or travel advisory?
  • Check your universities website for plans to address anyone that won’t be able to make it to campus to start on time. Online offerings etc...check out my Pinterest board I created for my email subscribers. 

Continuing student

  • Consider if you will be permitted to travel back home over summer
    • If no, check with your university for options to...
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Episode 7- Dual Credit or Don't

Mar 02, 2020

What is dual credit?

Dual or concurrent credit is a course taught in high school that can earn a student both high school and college credit. It can be taught by highschool or college faculty but is almost always in the highschool setting.


How is it earned?

Students are offered the opportunity in highschool to participate in a dual credit course. There is typically a cost per credit hour associated with the course. Free and Reduced lunch students will generally get a fee waiver.


Who should take it?

Students that are already doing well in highschool…..students looking for a greater challenge….students considering college


Where can it be taken?

Many public and private institutions offer. 


When should it be taken?

Most regulations dictate not before the 8th grade.



Transferability and how it's used

150% of attempted credit ceiling

Bonus considerations:
Project Lead the Way 

other pathway or two plus two programs...

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