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Episode 54- Let's talk FAFSA with Joy Alford-Brand

Feb 08, 2021

A little bit about Joy….how she came to become a student loan expert. She has books, webinars, website, and no less than 35 FREE You Tube videos on student loans for parents and students.

  • New president means new administration which means things are about to change for federal loans.
    • Updates are coming to FAFSA 
    • When will those updates be effective
    • Will be ‘easier to fill out’
    • Shortened
    • Changes to EFC (estimated family contribution) will become SAI (student aid index)
  • If I already completed my FAFSA, do I need to do anything?
    • Prior prior year financial information is used
    • If significant changes, then contact your school’s financial aid office
  • Each university has the autonomy to apply their grants/scholarships as they see fit
  • EFC vs SAI
    • Why the change
    • Mostly this is just a name change 


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Episode 53- BONUS CARES Act 2.0 and what you need to know

Feb 02, 2021

CARES Act money (CRRSAA is the new acronym)

Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act

January 14, 2021: The U.S. Department of Education announced today an additional $21.2 billion is now available to higher education institutions to ensure learning continues for students during the COVID-19 pandemic under the CRRSAA as HEERF II. Information pertaining to the 

  • If they applied last year, they don’t have to apply this year.
  • Profit, non profit, public, and private

To find the amount awarded to each university may be  found at the above link.

Ball State-         $22 million with $7 min and 14.8 max million earmarked for students
Indiana University- $35 million with $12 min and 23.7 max million earmarked for students
Purdue University-  $33...

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Episode 52- 3 things students wish parents knew part 2

Jan 31, 2021

Finishing my conversation with Alicia from The College Life Coach.

Part 2 finishing the amazing conversation I had with Alicia from The CollegeLifeCoach.

n this week's episode I'm joining forces with Alicia Sepulveda creator of the College Life podcast.

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Episode 51- 3 things every student wished their parent knew. pt 1

Jan 25, 2021

In this week's episode I'm joining forces with Alicia Sepulveda creator of the College Life podcast.

We wanted to introduce our audiences since she speaks to students and I speak to parents of said students. We are covering three things every student wished their parents knew and three things every parent wished their student knew.

This was a great collaboration and we hope to do more.


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Episode 50- 3 ways to handle the mom guilt.

Jan 18, 2021

I know and you know you have no reason to feel guilty. About the year they’ve had, about the pandemic, about their feelings of isolation, about their grades, and the list can go on.

BUT I also know the feeling as a mom of wanting so desperately to save my kids any heartache or hardship. It hurts my heart to see them struggle. But that is the thing….they need to struggle to learn and become resourceful, resilient, strong, and successful.  That is the juxtaposition. 

Here are three tactics I’ve used to put that mom guilt back in the box when she surfaces.

This article goes into some of the adult child types that may trigger manipulation. 

  • Meet Slug: The Adult Child Who Pushes Our Hope Button
  • Meet Clueless: The...
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Episode 49- Choosing a major

Jan 11, 2021

When your student doesn’t know what major they want, I’ll share some ways you can coach them about which program to start in….how to explore.

It’s never a good result when a student enrolls in a major of their parents choice. College is hard enough when you are motivated to succeed in a discipline of your choosing. It gets worse when you add the pressure and frustration that this is your parents choice.

Have them look inside/reflect. Even if your student cannot articulate their degree choice, have them really spend time thinking about how they’d like to spend their time over the next 30-40 years. 

  • What hobbies do they enjoy?
  • What kinds of things are they good at naturally?
  • What things do others come to them asking for help with?

If they have a few ideas but aren’t confident, you may suggest ...

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Episode 48- Your student was dismissed, now what?

Jan 04, 2021

This is never a fun topic but it does happen. I’m going to walk you through the three things your student needs to do next.

  • Evaluate how they got here.
    • Wrong major
      • Was this parent’s major choice or students
      • Push goal major
      • safe/boring major
    • Poor housing choice
      • Apartment
      • Roommate issues
      • At home
    • Time management
      • Procrastination
      • Too much free time
      • Too many obligations
        • Job
        • clubs
      • No idea how to do this
    • Emotional health issues
      • New
      • Existing
      • Existing but previously under control
    • Physical health issues
      • New
      • Existing
      • Existing but previously under control
    • Use of university resources
      • No, why
      • Yes, why not successful
  • Determine next steps
    • Go back
    • Transfer
    • Time away
  • Take action
    1. Go back
      • Reapply
      • Consider if appeal is appropriate
      • Take 12 credits at a jr or community college
      • Watch for decision email
    2. Transfer
      • If they decided that...
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Episode 47- 5 Reasons why classes may disappear

Dec 28, 2020


I hear it...I don’t know what happened. I registered for the course and it just disappeared. Here are the top 5 reasons why they may happen.

  1. Past due bill
    • Paid is full is usually what it takes to keep classes. Do you know the due date?
    • If not paid in full was a payment plan arranged with bursar. Get a name of who you talked to. They may be able to get courses reinstated if someone forgot to make a notation.
    • Some have a $5 threshold for dropping for payment while others have a larger balance past due. Ask.
  2. Academically dropped
  3. Course was canceled
    • Departments watch enrollment. If a class doesn’t reach a certain number of enrolled students then it doesn’t financially make sense to teach it.
    • Did a faculty member leave with no replacement
      • Death
      • Illness
      • Move
    • Budget cuts. Universities are hurting with all the covid PPE, refunds,...
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Episode 46- My top 5 podcasts from 2020

Dec 21, 2020

As we begin to reflect on the past year and consider what 2021 may bring us I always appreciate others sharing their top podcasts for the year. Here are mine and why.


  1. The Life Coach School
    • All of them!
  2. Lead to Win with Michael Hyatt
    • Episode 142, 143 and 144 about Habits 
    • Episode BONUS from May 14. Teaching your kids goal-setting and productivity skills
  3. Lead Your Team with Kris Plachy
    • Ep 8- Create a job description
    • Ep 28- How to Deal with Arguing and Gossipy Team members
  4. The Learning Scientists Podcast
    • Episode 50- Metacognitive Monitoring of Adolescents and young adults
    • Episode 40- Memorizing Facts vs Using Information
  5. John Maxwell Company Executive Leadership
    • Ep 111- how do you lead up without sucking up?
    • Ep 109- Are you Influencing or just being bossy?
  6. The Chalene Show
    • So many
  7. The History Chicks
    • All the Tudor episodes
    • Nov 2018...
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BONUS Episode- Sneak peak into Module of 1 of mini-course

Dec 16, 2020

Sneak peak into Module ONE

Let’s assess what got your student here. This is the shortest of the three modules but can be the hardest. Realizing that your student’s semester doesn’t reflect their true ability may be easy, but the hard work comes in when you and your student need to be objective in assessing how they got there.

  • Does this semester (or prior terms)final grading not reflect your student’s true academic ability?
    • Be honest in assessing. COVID/Remote learning aside….does their academic assessment on their transcript not accurately reflect who they really are/what they are capable of?
  • Is the poor semester still lingering or are we working on last semester or further in the rear view mirror?
    • This will affect who your student reaches out to.
  • Was this bad semester the result of a university error, medical emergency or death in the family? Those are standard key terms for a sort of ‘get out of jail free card’.
    • Can one of those...
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