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Episode 9- Fall semester planning in the spring

Mar 16, 2020


Fall semester planning in the spring

  • Know the calendar
  • When is registration for me
  • When can i see the class offerings for spring
  • When can i meet with my advisor, is a meeting required
    • What do i need for my meeting?
    • Go to meeting prepared to make notes
    • Ask good questions
    • Class ideas I’m thinking about
    • Degree requirements
    • Study abroad
    • When seats may open up
    • Back ups in case classes fill up
    • How do I waitlist
    • Which courses should i expect to be really hard
    • Who to contact for class access issues
    • Course prereqs or permissions
    • Course repeat rules
    • Credit hour requirements
      • Min-max
  • Before registration opens-
    • Check for holds
    • Make sure you have the needed permissions
  • Instructors
    • Ratemyprofessor
    • Reddit
    • Other social media input
  •  Textbooks
    • Required or recommended
    • Which edition
    • Other required material/equipment
    • Clickers, goggles, calculator,software, paintbrushes, etc 


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