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Episode 8- Summer Plans for your new or continuing college student

Mar 09, 2020


Summer 2020 plans- COVID-19 edition

Both new and continuing students:

  • Do your homework regarding your risks in conjunction with your underlying health condition.
  • If you haven’t done it already, find your in network providers (doctor, clinic, hospitals) nearby and how your student can get there.
  • Work that builds highly valued skills
    • Communication, problem solving, leadership, teamwork
  • Volunteer
    • Related to your career choice, have a goal to accomplish, potential resume builder
  • Online classes at your college
  • In  person classes at home
  • Read

For the new admit

  • Can you travel to get to campus or travel advisory?
  • Check your universities website for plans to address anyone that won’t be able to make it to campus to start on time. Online offerings etc...check out my Pinterest board I created for my email subscribers. 

Continuing student

  • Consider if you will be permitted to travel back home over summer
    • If no, check with your university for options to continue your studies on campus.
    • Housing options
  • Study abroad- may not be an option this year

My insurance is offering virtual doctor visits to help mitigate exposure. Treatment is only for symptoms at this time so find those OTC and have them on hand. 

  • Fever reducer
  • liquids
  • hand sanitizer
  • antibacterial soap
  • 3 week supply of regular medication.

Don’t forget the student who already has anxiety and how this may contribute or be a trigger. 

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