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Episode 70- The One Where Your College Tells you Not to Come Back

Jun 08, 2021

This week I’m talking about what happens when your college emails you to say you are not a student anymore. Your grades just didn’t make the cut for two or more semesters and now you aren’t a student there any more. 

I got you.

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First, remember this is a circumstance.

It’s neutral. 

It’s not good. 

It’s not bad.

What you chose to think about it is what matters.

What should you think? Well let’s look back and the last couple semesters to see if we can uncover why you are where you are today.

Do any of these situations resonate with you?

  • High school was easy and you didn’t have to study
  • You had a lot of unscheduled time
  • You weren’t sure how to study
  • You were involved in a lot of clubs/organizations
  • You worked a lot
  • You gamed
  • You felt really lonely
  • You struggled making friends
  • You got sick
  • Your family got sick
  • You couldn’t understand your instructor/s
  • Your roommate always had someone over
  • You couldn’t eat/sleep regularly
  • You didn’t have reliable computer or internet
  • The list could go on….

Now, which one or ones best describe your situation? Be honest.

Next, is continuing college the best thing for you right now?

If your health or your families health was a factor, is everyone healthy now?

If you couldn’t eat/sleep regularly is that situation resolved?
If you didn’t have reliable computer or internet, is that resolved?

Okay, now what can you do to ensure you are set up for success going forward?

What is that plan? Who is helping keep you accountable? What does your support system look like?

Great, now let’s see if we can’t get you some grace for that last term or two.

Ask your advisor or Dean of Students if there is an appeal process. Don’t just ask one person. Ask four or five. Sometimes you get someone new who doesn’t know all the things. 

If you hit a wall of no’s after four or five, you’re going to DM me to ask too.

Then do everything expected for the appeal. EVERYTHING.

You’ll submit your appeal and then you’ll follow up every week until you receive a response.

Your appeal will take ownership of the past and show confidence in the future.

Your follow up will be respectful and patient. While you are waiting, have a plan of action ready for either decision. This plan should be developed with your academic advisor.

This is what I do. I review appeals and then pass them off to the academic officer (associate dean) to make a decision. I’ve seen thousands of appeals and have a really good idea of what will be approved and what will be denied.

I believe everyone deserves a second chance if they demonstrate ownership in where they ended up. Placing blame on others isn’t reassuring to a decision maker that if things go sideways again that you’ll know how to handle it.

This should be a personal growth opportunity.
I am here to help. 

And remember, you are not the first or last person to be academically dropped or dismissed.

I was. And later graduated with distinction with my undergraduate degree, and then completed a masters program. I’ve been a university administrator for the last 22 years. Do not let yourself believe that an academic drop/dismissal is the end of your college dream if you are committed to your dream.

You should follow https://www.instagram.com/thenewsmartblog/ in IG and she’s @Piecesofreeces. She delivers amazing content on how your brain works and how to be a successful student.


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