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Episode 7- Dual Credit or Don't

Mar 02, 2020

What is dual credit?

Dual or concurrent credit is a course taught in high school that can earn a student both high school and college credit. It can be taught by highschool or college faculty but is almost always in the highschool setting.


How is it earned?

Students are offered the opportunity in highschool to participate in a dual credit course. There is typically a cost per credit hour associated with the course. Free and Reduced lunch students will generally get a fee waiver.


Who should take it?

Students that are already doing well in highschool…..students looking for a greater challenge….students considering college


Where can it be taken?

Many public and private institutions offer. 


When should it be taken?

Most regulations dictate not before the 8th grade.



Transferability and how it's used

150% of attempted credit ceiling

Bonus considerations:
Project Lead the Way 

other pathway or two plus two programs should be considered.

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