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Episode 68- You and FERPA

May 26, 2021

This episode is dedicated to all the things the parent of a college student must figure out despite FERPA and HIPPA. Godspeed, friends! It is not easy.




Your student’s health

You are most likely still the provider of insurance coverage, copays and deductibles. However once they turn 18 your ability to easily manage all that has become challenging.

Likewise FERPA creates a very similar challenge on the academic side of life. Your student is looking to you for support and guidance and paying tuition and housing. But you have to figure out how to do that as someone on the outside.

Now many universities have parent or guardian access that students can provide to those that are helping them. But those are not necessarily easy to figure out, there is typically more than one, and you will most likely need some uninterrupted time with your student to set it all up. 

And don’t even get me started on the passwords that you have to remember and change every time you log in.

  • You need to know where the access starting point is. What is the URL or link?
    • Student ID number
    • Does their university email need to be set up already
    • Your email
    • What information do you have to have in order to set things up?
    • Your student needs to create and share with you a username and password.

Indiana University

Purdue University parent video

Ball State University 

Ohio State University

  • Parent’s payment portal
  • Student information release (SIR)

FERPA exclusions

Health and safety. If your student is at risk for their own health/safety or posing a risk to other, universities may disclosure FERPA protected information without prior written consent from the student.

Dependent. If you filed you last year US tax return and indicated your student as your dependent, you may provide that completed return to the university in order to receive information about your student without their prior written consent.


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