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Episode 67- Your health & how to make it a priority

May 10, 2021

When we become mothers there is this seemingly natural phenomenon that happens to us. We tend to pay more attention to the health and care of our spouse and our children and let our own take the back seat. This week I’m talking with Alma about how to get your own health back.





Alma Ronquillo is the founder of Nourished by Alma….she specializes in Gut Health, with her mission being to bring Spiritual and Physical Gut health into harmony.

I was so intrigued as I personally let my own health suffer to the point of emergency surgery just a few months after losing my youngest child. 

We talk about why we tend to ignore our own health, some tactics on how to handle empty nest syndrome, and some practical advisor to more forward.

Remember yourself at their age and what you needed. Try to be that person to your emerging adult.

Write down your wins. It doesn’t matter how big or small. You’ll realize you’ve done amazing stuff over their 18+ years. Give yourself credit.

Remind yourself that their choices are not yours or your responsibility.

Dare to dream for yourself. Dream big. Write them down. Go for them.

If you’ve let your own health suffer through your parenting years and desire to get it back or maybe have always struggled Alma is hosting a 21 challenge aimed at giving yourself a reset and learning ways to eat healthy that doesn’t feel restrictive.

If you sign up please jump in her Facebook group and say hi to me as I’ll be joining her this time myself. 


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