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Episode 66- Final Grade To Do's

May 07, 2021

This week I’m covering my recommended To Do’s once Final Grades are released.
Where to find them, how to fix incorrect grades, and next steps depending on the grades.




  • What is “official date”
  • LMS versus transcript
    • Whats the difference
  • What to do if it’s wrong
    • Email faculty
    • Follow up
    • Find out who dept head is
    • Find out who is responsible for entering grade
    • Have evidence of why you think it’s wrong
  • What if there is a failed class
    • Reflect on why
    • Study time
    • Skill
    • Instructor
    • Time management
    • Just a really hard class
    • Wrong major
  • Do they need to retake?
    • Figure out retake rules
    • When is it offered again
    • Implications to next term classes
    • Implications to time to degree
    • Retake at same university or somewhere else to transfer back
    • Courses that will need to be dropped
    • Shuffle other courses
    • Consult with advisor
    • Delay graduation
    • Summer catch up option
    • Scholarship, study abroad, employment impacts
  • Reflection
  • Plan for future success



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