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Episode 6- Are Summer Orientations a waste of money?

Feb 24, 2020

I'll go into some details that are most common in these programs.

There is some debate that the only draw to attend a face-to-face orientation in the summer is course registration. I would argue that. There is still a draw to attend Summer Orientation programs. Let’s review.

  • Some are free while others may charge. ASK.
  • one day, 1 ½ days, or two days almost always  in June/July:
  1. the opportunity to get to meet your academic advisor in person to allow the start of a personal relationship.
  2. Students may complete an information form prior to their advisor meeting. 
    • strengths and weaknesses
    • hobbies and interests
    • what they're most looking forward to
    • what they're most concerned about 
  3.  includes helpful information 
    • Disability Resource center
    • Student Health (submit or upload immunizations)
    • Dean of Students
    • Student Success/Academic Success Center
    • Student organizations
    • IT help...student apps how tos.
    • Get ID card
    • co-rec
    • Take placement exams for math or languages
    • how to pay (financial aid)
    • housing tours (how the meal plan works and food allergies)
    • tours of the dining hall (helps to inform what you’ll need and what you should leave at home)
    • May include a parent panel for question-and-answer 
    • May include a student panel for question-and-answer.
    • Information related to other Resources

How do you get all that online? You can’t. You might get it on a very intentional campus visit but in most cases a campus visit is more about choice still which these things could certainly help drive home.

BONUS-In addition if your student has a chronic health condition this is also a great time to have that first visit with the provider referred by your home doctor...and you can set up bank accounts during visit.

In this momma’s humble opinion, if you can swing it an in person summer orientation is well worth it.

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Having trouble finding info on your kiddos top pick, email me and I’ll help you find the info you need.


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