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Episode 58- How to find and understand the plan of study

Mar 10, 2021


Episode 58- How to find and understand a plan of study

POS….curriculum…..degree requirements

They mean the same thing and there are many ways to get to the goal. I’ll share where to find degree requirements, the best way for your student to track their progress and when/how to ask for exceptions to the predefined path.





What are degree requirements?

College level degree Requirements are for completion of a program of study. Requirements may include a minimum number of hours, required GPA, prerequisite and elective courses within the specified major and/or minor areas of study.

University level requirements: Resident study, upper level courses, credit hours, GPA.

They may change each academic year so it’s important for your student to find their ‘catalog term’.

What is a catalog term? This is the term your student declares or is admitted into that major.

Where to find them?

University catalog

Departmental webpages

How to track progress.

Homemade spreadsheet

University degree audit systems

  • A review should be done by student each term and reviewed with their advisor. 
  • I recommend an email confirmation of progress/agreement on progress to head off any disasters that final semester.

When to ask for an exception.

Life will throw a curveball. Count on it. Examples of when an exception should be considered.

  • Student is within university GPA or credit hour minimums but within .01 of college/department level GPA
  • Your student needs a course that is no longer offered or out of sequence for their last semester. Ask for a substitution or exemption.
  • Your student didn’t need a lower level course on POS because of higher achievement. Ask for exemption for those credits. Why would they waste their time or money on a ‘remedial course for them’?
  • Student didn’t earn the letter grade for course X on POS but did well on course Y not on POS. Is a substitution possible?

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