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Episode 47- 5 Reasons why classes may disappear

Dec 28, 2020


I hear it...I don’t know what happened. I registered for the course and it just disappeared. Here are the top 5 reasons why they may happen.




  1. Past due bill
    • Paid is full is usually what it takes to keep classes. Do you know the due date?
    • If not paid in full was a payment plan arranged with bursar. Get a name of who you talked to. They may be able to get courses reinstated if someone forgot to make a notation.
    • Some have a $5 threshold for dropping for payment while others have a larger balance past due. Ask.
  2. Academically dropped
  3. Course was canceled
    • Departments watch enrollment. If a class doesn’t reach a certain number of enrolled students then it doesn’t financially make sense to teach it.
    • Did a faculty member leave with no replacement
      • Death
      • Illness
      • Move
    • Budget cuts. Universities are hurting with all the covid PPE, refunds, dropped enrollment
  4. No longer eligible to remain in course
    • Failed the prereq
      • The schedule of classes will note prereqs
      • A course or courses
      • Grades- some allow as low as D- but many require C- or higher
        • Did they do P/N option which could be the issue
    • Restricted to a major
      • Did they recently change majors
      • Did they drop a major or a minor that made them eligible
  5. It went online
    • Meaning it’s not gone but with no scheduled meeting day/time/location it doesn’t appear where your student is looking.
    • Look somewhere else.


No matter the reason your student needs to have a plan and work with their advisor now.


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