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Episode 44- End of term, now what?

Dec 07, 2020

This is a revisit of Episode 16 a bit because end of term business doesn’t change a lot. Even with COVID.

Let’s talk grades, what do they mean, how to access your GPA status and 3 things to do now.




  • Final grades
    • When do grades become ‘official’?
    • Where do they find their grades?
  • What do those final grades mean?
    • Good Standing
      • What does that mean?
      • Honors
      • Deans list
    • Probation
      • What does probation mean?
      • In most cases, COVID-19 meant no drops/dismissals. They need to determine if that continues or not for fall 2020
    • Dropped/Dismissed
      • What does this mean?
      • Future registration impact
      • Housing impact
      • Student loan repayment may begin before they are enrolled again.
      • Readmission
      • Future episode


So now what? Three things


  1. However your student with a low GPA more than one failed needs to really assess what happened.
    • Was it really the switch to remote?
    • What is their plan if remote learning remains the option for spring?
    • What is their plan if there is a combo for spring? Some online lectures with in person labs/recitations?
    • What pitfalls do they need to work to overcome?
  2. Meet/consult with advisor on next steps
    • Probation means they are no longer accepted into that new major for spring.
    • Do they need to adjust the spring schedule now?
      • Typically where space didn’t exist, some does now. 
      • Students will drop a future course because they anticipate needing to retake something. 
      • They may drop because of their own desire to retake a course. 
      • They may drop a course because they’ve realized they are in the wrong major.
      • Still no space, figure out if there is a waitlist and get on.
      • Ask if there are alternatives to the class that is full.
    • Summer a good ‘catch up’ option? 
      • Is what they need offered? 
      • Is the instructional type something your student can handle?
      • Classes near home or at ‘their home’ university
      • Cost compare, transfer compare, degree requirements
  3. Do they need to take a break to take care of physical or emotional health?
    • It is not the end of the world. Is a semester or two away a better choice than $4-10K wasted due to your student not physically or emotionally able to achieve their educational goals. 
    • Financial aid an issue? Seek a hardship deferral.  This year more than ever will be easier to explain time away #COVID-19. 

Consider signing up for my Academic Recovery mini course coming soon.

  • It will walk you through evaluating how they ended up here
  • how your student may appeal for consideration to reset the GPA
  • next steps towards success
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