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Episode 42- My Drew

Nov 23, 2020

In an effort to get to know why I’m the way I am, a few episodes will be dedicated to sharing some of my story. This week I’ve decided to share some of my Drew’s story.




  • Our third child,we got our little boy after two beautiful girls.
    • Originally thought I wanted four kids
    • Part time work, full time mom
    • Newer home in country
  • Diagnosis
    • When
    • How we knew something was wrong
    • What it was
    • The grim reaper
    • Telling family
  • Figuring it all out
    • Doctor appointments
    • No longer breast feeding
    • Surgery
    • Meds
    • Therapies
    • Quit job
  • Life sets in
    • Therapies at home
    • Learning Drew’s behaviors
    • Our girls adjust
    • Warning from nurses about marriage
    • Family nearby
  • My lessons
    • I don’t regret a moment of time we had with him.
    • Lessons he taught us that I could have never taught.
      • Compassion
      • Empathy
      • patience
    • No one is promised tomorrow
    • My kids and family are only on loan to me
    • I can’t do anything alone
    • Relationships matter, things don’t

Reminder that you never know what people are carrying with them, the scars they have.

Disabilities are not always visible. Be gracious.

Grief never stops. You become stronger, not better at it. 

I’m ugly crying as I finish these notes for you. I miss him so much.



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