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Episode 41- Advice for home

Nov 16, 2020

If your student was lucky enough to go to campus then they are likely to head home soon. This is the last of four episodes to help you get ready.





  • The homefront
    • Their study space. Is it ready? Do borrowed things need returned? Does the storage items need to find a new home?
    • The car...need maintenance?
  • Try to support whatever method of studying and class participation your student has developed during the pandemic. The last weeks of the semester are not necessarily the best time to nudge a change.
    • This means that all the changes that you, your spouse, the kids, the pets morphed into over the fall may come as a shock to your student.
    • So that means a ‘team meeting’ to talk about ground rules together.
      • Sleep schedules
      • Work schedules
      • Test schedules
      • Exercise schedules
      • friend/entertaining schedules
    • Maybe even creating a family calendar to help others keep track of ‘who’s on first’ would help. Be open, flexible, and honest with your needs and ask the same of others.
  • This is the home stretch for your student so expect them to be stressed. 
    • Encourage them to take advantage of the on-line resources that continue to be offered – whether that’s stress management workshops, tutoring sessions or virtual concerts.
    • Support their mental health by promoting good sleep hygiene, healthy eating and exercise.
    • Ask them directly how best to support them during this time, rather than guessing. 
    • Remember, they have been managing their academics during the pandemic for quite some time and probably have a good sense about what they need and what works for them.
  • Once semester is over plan another family meeting.
    • This time you can talk about contributions to the home.
      • Laundry
      • Meals
    • Social schedules
      • Friends at home (COVID rules)
      • Use of car
      • Will they have a job
      • Encourage them to do something fun and relaxing while home.
  • Lastly don’t forget to remind them the break is also the time to consider textbook investigation for spring.
    • Do they need them? 
    • What version?
    • Rent/buy
    • Where to get them to ensure they have them by spring start

Purdue University-main campus resources






Indiana University- main campus resources





Ball State resources





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