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Episode 38- 3 Things to do before they come home

Oct 27, 2020

Episode 38 - Three things to think about before your student comes home for break


If your student was lucky enough to go to campus then they are likely to head home soon. This is the first of four episodes to help get ready.

This one will cover your home.


I am NOT a healthcare professional. Seek professional advice from your doctor. 

  1. First, it’s COVID and flu season. Even if you don’t have any high risk family members I’m going to recommend your student plan to isolate at school if possible prior to returning home. 
    • Ask your student if isolation is possible for them. If yes, find their return to home date and go back 14 days.  I realize they could be exposed on their travel home as well and there is so much flip flopping or contradictory information out there so these are only my suggestions. 
    • If isolation prior to returning home is not possible then you’ll need to figure out the plan for at home. Can they return home 10-14 days prior to your family holiday plans? 
    • Another option to consider is having them home about 5 days prior to the family plans….isolate and then get a test. Most medical sources suggest a pretty reliable result on day 5 post exposure. 
    • Consider what you need to do at home to allow for the isolation period. 
    • Keep precautions in mind when delivering their food tray, picking it up, cleaning dishes. Consider paper plates and disposable utensils/cups.
    • Relocating your student or other siblings
    • Masks at home when limited interaction is a must
    • Mealtime is a high risk time so meals in their rooms is  my recommendation. 
  2. Their room. 
    • What’s happened to their room since being gone?
    • Storage, workout, siblings escape, Christmas gift prep, redecorate
    • What do you need to do for them to return?
      • This will be their study space. 
      • They may be taking finals here
    • Door
    • Desk
    • Task lighting
    • Strong wifi location
    • Does it look like their room
  3. Is the break a time for dr visits?
    • Emotional health
    • Flare up for prior health condition...get a referral for dr near campus
    • Med refills
    • Next round of immunizations/flu shots
    • Time for annual check up
    • Need a new referral for a conditional (emotional or physical that has flared up)

Next week I’ll share feedback from some campus partners so don’t miss.

Here is the funny video I promised.

It’s the Adley Show and she’s ridiculously funny.


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