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Episode 34- Who ya gonna call Part 2

Sep 28, 2020

 Am i getting old enough that some of you don’t get that reference? Yikes. I will share the who and the why to help provide a little clarity for you and your student.

  • Your student should connect with the Registrar about…
    • Registration processes
    • add/drop calendars and deadlines
    • Transcripts
    • Documents to confirm enrollment for insurance, good student discounts and loan deferments


  • Your student should connect with the Bursar about…
    • Paying the bill
    • Making payment plan
    • Refunds
    • Billing questions
    • Due date for payment


  • Your student should connect with Financial Aid about…
    • FAFSA
    • Scholarships
    • Work study
    • Minimum enrollment requirements
    • Before dropping courses to determine if aid will be affected
    • Help in updating a change in family status/income


  • Your student should connect with the Disability office about…
    • Chronic illness
    • new/acute illness or injury
    • COVID


  • Your student should connect with Institutional Equity about…
    • 911 should always be used if they feel they are in danger
    • Any suspected interaction that made them feel unsafe, uncomfortable.
      • Bullying, sexual innuendos, sexual assault, battery 
        • By another student, faculty, TA, RA, advisor or staff


  • Your student should connect with IT services about…
    • Password issues
    • Connection issues
    • Tutorials on university systems
    • Best browsers to use
    • Where to print
    • Where computer labs are and the hours


  • Your student should connect with the Department Head about…
    • Issues not resolved after at least two attempts with instructor or TA.
    • Possible seat in a course that has reached it’s capacity
    • Possible independent study in a course needed but not offered this term to stay on track
    • Permissions to enroll despite course restrictions or prerequisites


  • Your student should connect with the Provost about…
    • Issues with any campus office that has gone unresolved after at least two attempts (this is on top of or after the dept head attempt as well)
    • Requests for exceptions to university policy with VERY good rationale


  • Your student should connect with the Career office about…
    • Resume help
    • Internships
    • Career counseling, finding your perfect major
    • Job shadowing
    • Career fairs
    • Mock interviews






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