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Episode 33- Who ya gonna call? Part 1

Sep 21, 2020


Am i getting old enough that some of you don’t get that reference? Yikes. I will share the who and the why to help provide a little clarity for you and your student.


  • Your student should connect with their advisor about….
    • Curriculum
    • Course advice
    • First point of contact for university ‘navigation’


  • Your student should connect with their instructor about….
    • Questions about the syllabus
    • Missing class
    • Questions about material/lessons
    • Getting to know their research if it interests them
    • Office hour meetings
    • When they are struggling to learn material


  • Your student should connect with the Dean of Students about…
    • Sometimes for assistance in absences for bereavement, jury duty, military duty
    • A possible connect to mental health help
    • Help in figuring out where to go for help





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