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Episode 28- Tips that will make you the Cool Mom

Aug 19, 2020


Three areas you can “help” them with that will make you the cool mom 

Or Tips for success




Whether you are a tech savvy momma or can barely text... this episode is for you.

Don’t give away all these tips at once to your student. Instead check them out and then drop a tip here and there. You’ll gain credibility :)

     2. Time management apps

  • Order food on your phone, don’t wait in line.
  • Can you do the same for laundry
  • Remember the Milk- task list/ My Life organized
  •  iStudiez Pro:Separating its functions into five areas—Overview, Assignments, Planner, Instructors, and Holidays—students can include course schedules, plan study sessions, and prioritize assignments based on importance, among other uses. The app can also track grades and GPA, helping students keep tabs on their academic progress.
  • Evernote.com

3. Studying






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