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BONUS Episode- Sneak peak into Module of 1 of mini-course

Dec 16, 2020

Sneak peak into Module ONE

Let’s assess what got your student here. This is the shortest of the three modules but can be the hardest. Realizing that your student’s semester doesn’t reflect their true ability may be easy, but the hard work comes in when you and your student need to be objective in assessing how they got there.

  • Does this semester (or prior terms)final grading not reflect your student’s true academic ability?
    • Be honest in assessing. COVID/Remote learning aside….does their academic assessment on their transcript not accurately reflect who they really are/what they are capable of?
  • Is the poor semester still lingering or are we working on last semester or further in the rear view mirror?
    • This will affect who your student reaches out to.
  • Was this bad semester the result of a university error, medical emergency or death in the family? Those are standard key terms for a sort of ‘get out of jail free card’.
    • Can one of those reasons be proven and documented? 
    • If yes, even better. 
    • If no, we can work with it but it can be more challenging.
    • If it’s not one of those reasons what was it? Some examples may be:
      • Roommate from hell
      • Poor time management
      • Bad choice of major
      • Chronic illness
      • Emotional challenges with the transition to college
      • Never learned how to study
      • Instructor impossible to understand
      • You can fill in the blank





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