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Episode 1- University Jargon

Jan 20, 2020

 University Jargon podcast

Chronicle of Higher Education article July 2019


Great article talking about a UCLA post for First Year experience asking about any confusing or confounding terms. In a recent study of 455 colleges...[they] found 136 different terms for the same unsubsidized student loan. 

...first-generation students, who sometimes stumble in navigating the invisible rules and unspoken expectations often called colleges’ “hidden curriculum.” 
Incomprehensible lingo can “flare that impostor syndrome,” said Sarah Whitley, senior director of the Center for First-Generation Student Success at NASPA, a national student-affairs organization.  

Misunderstanding institutional language can lead to missteps — withdrawing after a deadline, for example, so students pay for credits they don’t receive.

Terms defined in show:


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